Pure a2 Milk – The background:

The western countries have been pushing the agenda of selling their genetically modified HF and Jersey cows in India over the past few decades. These cows had been produced through high levels of specific genetic selection and modification to give high milk yield to the extent of 90 ltrs per day. In the process, the genetic selection method led to the pre-eminent development of cows with only a specific gene type, wherein the cows produced only A1 milk. The cows lost capability to produce the A2 milk.

However, while they were successful in increasing the milk yield tremendously which is un-natural, the genetically modified milk, is harmful for human consumption due to the presence of a opioid protein BCM-7 (Beta Caso Morphine).
I am sure most of us understand that Morphine is a harmful habit forming drug substance. This harmful BCM-7 is not present in A2 milk.
Large companies in the western countries, bred and developed our Indian native cow breeds and have established farms which offer A2 Milk.

So What is “Pure a2 milk” ?
Milk from cows can be of 2 types – one containing beta-casein protein A1 type and the other A2 type. “Pure a2 Milk” is natural milk that comes from native Indian cows that naturally produce only 100% A2 protein.

Not all desi cows give pure A2 milk. Due to cross breeding over decades, even Desi Cows have mix of A1 & A2 genes.

Hence, it is essential to do genetic testing and select cows with 100% A2 genes, to ensure that the milk is “Pure A2 Milk”

We, at Mathruka, select native Indian cows that produce only A2 beta-casein. That “Pure a2 Milk” then goes through its own, special journey all the way to the pack you get at your home, so you can rest assured it's never mixed with milk containing A1 proteins.

Research has shown the A2 protein is digested differently to A1. There are many people who feel uncomfortable after they drink ordinary milk or lactose-free milk, yet they can enjoy “Pure a2 Milk” without discomfort – so this one small protein difference makes a big difference to many people.

Is “Mathruka a2 Milk” Natural/Organic?

Yes, “Mathruka a2 Milk” is 100% natural and organic.
Guaranteed: No Hormones, No antibiotics, No adulteration, No mixing

Moreover, the cows in Mathruka graze freely in forests adjoining the farm. Mathruka is situated just adjoining native forests and on the shores of a lake.

The cows graze in natural environment in the forests and swim in the lake. This keeps them healthy. This gives them natural nutrition from the herbs and shrubs in the forest. This is supplemented with farm grown grass and other natural feeds. The cows get their required exercise while grazing in the mountainous forest. The cows are hence in a stress free natural environment.

Thus the “Pure a2 Milk” is delivered to you in its purest form carrying all the goodness of nature.

Benefits of drinking Mathruka a2 milk Vs ordinary milk?

Milk is a nutritional powerhouse! “Mathruka a2 Milk” has all the nutritional density which only forest grazing desi cows can give, with the added benefit that “Pure a2 Milk” can bring you a digestive advantage. Many people report they feel a real difference when they drink “Pure a2 Milk” and that it just feels better in their bodies. “Pure a2 Milk” also provides you additional nutrition since the cows graze on the natural herbs and shrubs in the forests which are rich in nutrients.

How do we treat our cows at Mathruka?

The humane treatment of animals is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we personally and physically are there to take care of our cows. In true Indian tradition we care for our cows as the embodiment of our gods and goddesses.

We run the farm in a sustainable way and work with sustainable family farmers. We guarantee that our cows are not treated with growth hormones and “Pure a2 Milk” is antibiotic free. Since the native Indian cows are highly immune to diseases and infections, there is very limited requirement for medical treatments. Hence they are not given antibiotics or hormones. Moreover whatever little medical attention is required is given in the form of herbal and ayurvedic medicines following the guidelines of “mrigayurveda”.

Mathruka milk comes from forest-grazing cows. This means that cows have daily access to outdoor forest and pastures, are never given added hormones, and are fed an all vegetarian, plant-based diet.

Special Population who can benefit from Pure a2 Milk:

While Mathruka Pure a2 Milk is beneficial to all, its specifically good for pregnant women, children, diabetics, people with cardio-vascular problems and people suffering from nervous disorders.

Science of “Pure a2 Milk”…
What is protein?

Proteins are large biological molecules made up of long chains of amino acids and are an essential part of any diet. They are the building blocks for our bodies.

What is beta-casein?

Beta-casein is a type of protein that makes up one third of the protein in milk. It is a high quality milk protein that is a source of essential amino acids, as well as peptides. It assists with natural calcium absorption.

Beta-casein is a 209 amino acid protein that makes up about 30% of the total protein contained in milk, or roughly 2.5 grams per glass. Due to natural genetic variation, beta-casein can be present as one of two major types, A1 or A2. The single difference between these two types of beta-casein is an amino acid substitution at the 67th residue of the beta-casein protein chain. The subtle structural difference between these two beta-casein types means they are digested differently. The digestion of A1 beta-casein in the gut by the action of digestive enzymes can produce the exogenous opioid peptide called beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7). In contrast, A2 beta-casein does not release BCM-7.