Milk Delivery Process

Areas where we do free home delivery:

We cover all key areas of North, East, West, South and Central Bengaluru

Please find the areas where we do free home delivery.

We try to cover almost all important communities in the areas where we do home delivery. In addition to communities being covered by us, we also serve other communities, villas, commercial entities, and retail outlets depending on requirement. We continue to expand our reach and delivery network. Please contact us if you're interested in getting our milk into your community or area.

Milk Pouches

Mathruka has high concern for the environment. For safety and hygiene reasons, we have introduced unique High Density 4 Layered Pouches of 75 micron size. These pouches are highly safe and completely recyclable, unlike regular milk pouches which are usually about 60 microns. We walk the extra mile, in our efforts to preserve nature.

Packaging process is completely automated for better hygiene.

  1. Please contact us to confirm your milk subscription and the delivery time.
  2. Milk will be delivered at your door at confirmed time.
  3. Please keep a tray, basket or bag at your door step to receive the milk.
  4. Before use, please wash the pouches with fresh water.
  5. Cut open and pour the milk into the vessel.

Recycle Milk Pouches

  1. Don't simply throw away the pouch into trash.
  2. Open the pouch wider and wash it thoroughly with water and let it dry.
  3. Recycle dried milk pouches. Your community may already recycle plastic pouches and bags. Please give it to them for recycling.
  4. You can also find a local plastic collection center and recycle there and collect your money. Since our Pouches are of very high quality, they will be in demand by the recycling industry.

Milk Delivery Time

Please note that delivery time may vary from one location to another. Please call us to confirm.

Manage Your Milk Subscription

To manage your milk subscription (to start/stop or increase/decrease), please SMS or WhatsApp to our customer care numbers 9910988522 or 9717177699 on previous day before 7:00pm (for next day morning delivery). Some of our channel partners may have slightly different cut off time and process for managing the subscription. Please check with channel partner who provides service to you.

Manage Your Milk Subscription

Mathruka A2 Desi Cow Milk is a monthly subscription service. Don't worry - you're not locked in for the month. You can stop and start your milk delivery anytime. Say, you're traveling for few days and you don't want milk to be delivered for those days. No worries, please let us know (via WhatsApp or SMS) before 7pm (for next day morning delivery). Here are some more examples how your milk subscription can be managed:

Please note that method of milk subscription management may differ when you work through our distributors. They will guide you with their milk subscription model.

To reach us, please contact:
Ph: 9910988522 / 9717177699

Be Part of Our Community

If you're interested in trying out our farm fresh pure cow milk, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you.