A2 Desi Cow Milk

Farm Fresh . Raw . Unprocessed . Unadultrated . No Hormones/Antibiotics

About Mathruka

Mathruka, defines ethereal relationship between humans and Mother Nature and its offerings, in particular, from Mother Cow. Mathruka is founded by a family involved in preserving and caring for nature for more than 6 generations from the same village, Irudhalam, near Bangalore. The core value we live by “in harmony with nature” has been passed on through generations in Mathruka. Much before organic farming became a preferred way, we at Mathruka have been following the basic principles of natural farming, never using any chemicals fertilizers or pesticides in our land. Neither were we having non-Indian native breed cows in our farm when most farmers maintained non-Indian breed cows. The native Indian cows have integral to our lives for generations. Know More

Our Products

Mathruka A2 Desi Cow Milk
Rs. 100 1 liter

Mathruka Desi Cow Butter
- A2 Butter
Rs. 600 1/2 kg

Mathruka Desi Cow Ghee -
A2 Ghee
Rs. 800 1/2 kg