Mathruka, defines ethereal relationship between humans and Mother Nature and its offerings, in particular, from Mother Cow. Mathruka is founded by a family involved in preserving and caring for nature for more than 6 generations from the same village, Irudhalam, near Bangalore. The core value we live by "in harmony with nature" has been passed on through generations in Mathruka. Much before organic farming became a preferred way, we at Mathruka have been following natural farming, never using any chemicals fertilizers or pesticides in our farm. The native Indian cows, Hallikars, have been integral to our lives for generations. The cows Mathruka are progenies of cows which have been personally taken care of and carefully bred by the family for generations, ensuring genetic purity. The purpose of Mathruka is to sustain ancient Indian agricultural practices and deliver the benefits to society. We aim to achieve this by an integrated approach.

Mathruka Goshala

Desi Cows in Mathruka: Mathruka is a pre-eminent center for conservation and development of native cows such as Hallikar & Amruthmahal. From a preservation point of view Mathruka also preserves and breeds the holy and auspicious Punganur cows. These breeds are native to the region and well acclimatized to the regional conditions. Mathruka, believes in preserving and rearing the breeds native to the region. This has been the focus of our Mathruka for generations. The biggest challenge is to make the Indian cow farming economically viable. We at Mathruka are endeavoring to make this initiative viable with the support of the community interested in preserving native Indian cow breeds.

Location: Mathruka Goshala is nestled in Idrudhalam, on the banks of a perennial lake, abutting green forest land and surrounded by rolling hills. Mathruka is situated about 60kms from Bangalore and has been the native place for the Mathruka family for more than 300 years. Mathruka goshala is established in a natural farm of 20 acres, where chemicals have not been used for generations due to the strong belief of our forefathers in the concept of "Harmony with Nature".

Core value of Mathruka: "Nature is god's gift, respect for nature is respect for god".

Grazing & feed: Our Cows are reared in a completely stress free environment as per ancient traditions. The mother cows are fed natural stream water, graze freely in the forests rich in medicinal herbs and the feed supplement consists of organic grass grown in the farm. Mathruka Goshala, is an ideal setting for our gomathas to live in a peaceful and natural stress free environment.