How is Mathruka Milk different from other A2 milk suppliers?

Mathruka Milk is farm fresh raw cow milk that comes directly from farm to your home without undergoing any processing. Since this milk is not processed it contains good minerals and vitamins that are naturally found in raw milk. Mathruka milk is unique because, Mathruka is

From genetically tested and certified A2 desi cows

  • Organic certified
  • FSSAI certified
  • From a farm where source is traceable, unlike other suppliers

Mathruka milk is also Ahimsa milk, since we do not use any machines or robots for milking cows, cows are personally cared for, our cows graze freely in the forests and hence are Happy and Healthy cows.

In Mathruka milk we guarantee –

  • No antibiotics
  • No hormones
  • No preservatives
  • No pasteurization
  • No homogenization
  • No fat removal or added fat
  • Go Mathruka… Go Healthy

How fresh is Mathruka milk?

Mathruka milk is delivered to your home within about 8 hours of milking. Mathruka is unique because we have a completely integrated in-house supply chain, right from farm, to packing, transportation and delivery. We do not outsource any part of our activity unlike other suppliers, many of whom simply act as traders.

We chill the milk immediately after milking to avoid any form of bacterial growth and also to maintain freshness and quality.

Is Mathruka milk hygienic?

Our milking cows are washed regularly and udder is washed with warm water and wiped before milking. We use 3-step filtration and immediately transfer the milk to the chillers for chilling the milk to 4oC. We maintain highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness at every step of our operation, to delivery absolutely safe and healthy milk to our customers. Mathruka milk is packed in our FSSAI approved facility.

Is Mathruka Milk Organic and Natural?

Mathruka A2 Milk is organic certified milk. Our cows graze freely in the forest adjoining the farm and are fed with natural fodder grown organically. We don't use any growth hormones or other milk inducing agents to increase milk productivity. Moreover, Mathruka milk is tested and certified for 100% Pure A2 genes.

How is Mathruka Milk different from pasteurized or homogenized milk?

Mathruka milk is directly delivered to your home without processing. Because Mathruka milk is fresh, natural, and pure, it has all the mineral and vitamins naturally found in the milk. Pasteurized milk on the other hand is heated rapidly at 140-150 degree fahrenheit and cooled down. In the process some of good minerals and vitamins are destroyed. Homogenized milk is prepared by breaking milk fat particles uniform sizes so that cream will not raise. Since fat particles are broken, homogenized milk loses it's original taste.

Is Mathruka Milk good for children?

Since Mathruka milk is not processed, Mathruka milk is rich in safe and healthy A2 Protein, minerals and vitamins. Calcium is abundant in Mathruka milk that helps to build strong bones and teeth for growing children. Raw milk has both water and fat soluble vitamins. It's a complete food. Mathruka milk carries full vitamin A and D. Raw milk has about 60 functional enzymes which perform various functions in our body.


What type of cows are there in Mathruka farm?

Mathruka farm has 5 breeds of Indian desi cows. Mathruka Goshala is home to Hallikar, Amritmahal, Gir, Punganur and Malnad Gidda cows. Mathruka desi cow goshala is one of the largest and pre-eminent center for conservation and development of Hallikar cows, which are native to Karnataka/TamilNadu region.

Does Mathruka use any hormones, antibiotics or chemicals to increase milk production?

No, we don't use antibiotics, chemicals or hormones. The desi cows in our goshala, mainly Hallikars, are native to the region and are highly disease resistant. Since they graze in the forests, they seldom fall sick. Hence requirement of medication is almost nil. Even if they fall sick we use herbal traditional medications.

Incase our cows fall sick, they are quarantined and treated with personal care until they are cured. We don't use milk from diseased cows.

Can customers visit Mathruka farm?

Customer visits to Mathruka farm is scheduled on one Sunday every month. Farm visit requires advance booking since, we can accommodate limited number of customers on the customer visit day.

Is Mathruka Milk Ahimsa Milk?

Yes Mathruka milk is Ahimsa milk. We treat our cows like family members, with care and love. Many of our cows have been in our farm for many generations. They are stress free, graze freely in the forest adjoining our forest.

We do not use machines or robots to milk the cows. Our cows are milkd by hand with care. Sufficient milk is first given to the calf. We also maintain our cows even after their milking years are over to avoid cow slaughtering.

Mathruka goshala is also constructed in a spacious manner with healthy space allocation of 70 sft shed space per cow, and lot of open space. Also the goshala is constructed with all natural materials, no synthetic materials like plastic or steel sheets. The goshala is constructed to provide excellent ventilation to the cows.


What time do you deliver milk?

We deliver milk everyday morning or evening. It varies between apartments. If it's morning we deliver between 4:30am and 7:30am. In some places this timing may vary.

Is it a coupon system or subscription based - how does it work?

It's a monthly subscription service. You pay at the beginning of the month before 5th of the month. Some channel partners may have other payment systems, which they will inform you.

How do I temporarily stop milk delivery if I am traveling or going on a vacation?

Whenever you don't want milk please SMS/WhatsApp previous day night before 7 pm (for morning delivery) or before 2 pm for evening delivery. Please mention the dates you don't want milk to be delivered along with your Name, apartment name and flat number. We will not deliver milk for those days.

Can I increase or decrease quantity of milk anytime?

Yes you can.

Can you deliver milk in bulk for family occasions?

Yes. There is no maximum limit. Please let us know a day in advance.

Do you use third party milk delivery system to deliver milk?

Yes, we have channel partners in certain areas. They manage your milk subscription, payments, customer


Why your milk is expensive?

Mathruka milk is genuine A2 desi cow milk. Mathruka milk is natural, pure, and fresh milk. It costs us more money to deliver genuine A2 milk. The minimal profit from the operation goes to the conservation and development of desi cows, and maintenance of aged cows, bulls, and oxens.

Is there any service/delivery charge?

In some areas, yes. In some areas, no. Please call and check with us.

When and how do I Pay?

Yes, payment in in advance for the month, to be paid before 5th of every month. Payment can be done by Online back transfer, Paytm or GooglePay. Please contact us for the bank details or Paytm/GooglePay numbers.

Right Way to boil milk

Boiling the milk repeatedly on high flame reduces nutritional content present in the milk. Please follow below guidelines while boiling the milk

  • Don't boil the milk for extended period of time
  • Do not leave your milk out in the open after boiling; refrigerate it immediately
  • Do not heat milk repeatedly – just boil once and try to use it without reboiling
  • Stir the milk while boiling
  • Do not use microwave-ovens to heat and re-heat milk

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