4 months ago

I have been using Mathruka's products from 4 years now. Milk is tasty and quality is really good. Their butter and ghee are also excellent. We can actually feel the difference between market bought and these products quality. Their service is also good and in case of an issue they are able to resolve it. I strongly recommend their products.


Satish Pandey

4 months ago

They have been delivering A2 Milk to my home for about 3 years now. For me timely delivery was important and past experience with few other prominent organic brand was not upto expectation. They have been delivering on time with just about 2-3 exceptions in a year - due to heavy rain or so. Another plus for me is that I can reach them over phone in case of any problem. Admire them for having a Gaushala and taking care of cows !


Rukmini Manjunatha

4 months ago
Genuine A2 milk and ghee supplier in Bangalore. Good customer service as well. After shifting from Mumbai, i was searching for an authentic A2 milk and milk products supplier in Bangalore and i am so glad to have discovered Mathruka. Keep up the good work!


Praveen S

4 months ago

I have been using Mathruka Milk for almost a year. The quality of milk is too good compared to JERSEY cow milk. The service is quite good. Only one small suggestion is, as business grows they can make it more digitalized.


Latha G
4 months ago

I have been using Mathruka Ghee and butter for about more than three years. Very good quality, fresh, genuine products of A2 desi cow. Tried other brands also but not happy with freshness,smell… observed health benefits of entire family after started using this. I recommend everyone to encourage desi cows by buying their products


sashi kala
2 weeks agoNEW

Mathruka A2 Milk is just awesome . As i moved recently to bangalore and was searching for pure desi cow milk for my 2 year old baby , after a lot of search and trials with other brands finally found mathruka the best milk . It tastes awesome and similar to the desi milk we used to get it from my relative in my hometown.

Thanks Mathruka . Hope the quality stays same always!!

Delivery is really good so far and also payment wise never had any issues


Pradipta Ghosh
4 months ago

The paneer is chewy and cost is too high, also if you are getting it from the seller, they don't keep the price consistent, they increase it at their own discretion. The delivery is worst, first day they couldn't deliver, shifted it next day morning by 7 am but delivered it by afternoon after several follow ups. Horrible experience


4 months ago

Regularly using Desi cow - milk, ghee & butter since last 3years. Quality of products & services are extremely good. Response from team is also superb. Genuine products & people. Recommend to buy & enjoy these products.


balachandra reddy
4 months ago

I am using Mathruka A2 Milk and Butter since 2018.
I am very much thankful to Mathruka, for door delivary such a wonderful product.
With Milk _ Curd, Butter, Ghee.
With Goumuthra _ Medicine
With Cowdung _ Organic food.
Requesting all to use A2 Milk and protect our DESI COW.


Sathish Kumar
4 months ago

One of the best organic shops in the locality and in Bangalore. All Mathruka's products are excellent in quality and quantity. Those who wants to buy healthy organic products 💯 Mathruka is the right choice


Ashok Kumar
4 months ago

Have been purchasing Milk and Ghee.
The products are above expectations and the pricing is also very competitive
Highly recommend if you are looking for A2milk and Ghee of Hallikar breed


monica singh
2 months ago

The milk quality is awesome and so is the delivery service , you can clearly feel the difference in normal a1 milk and this pure a2 cow milk. I recommend this milk service to anyone looking for pure a2 cow milk


Rajan R. G
4 months ago

I have been buying butter from Mathruka for more than an year, if you taste that you will not buy any other butter. It's delicious and healthy supplement in Ayurveda.


Sandhya Chandrashekar
4 months ago

Milk from mathruka is too good in quality and nutrition filled.. I highly recommend this.. it's very healthy nutritious for all, especially for children's growth.. happy with the delivery person too for milk reaches on time.. Thanks for the team..


Venkataramanan Ramachandran
3 months ago

I could see significant change in my family members' health after consuming mathruka s milk, ghee and butter. The important part is that mathruka team is not mixing anything in the milk and as a result it gets spoiled sometimes. I see that as a good sign that the milk is pure.


Guruprasad Kurtkoti
4 months ago

We have been using their milk and products for the last three years. Quality and the service is too good. I strongly recommend Mathruka products.


Ashok HS
4 months ago

I have been using Matruka products since last 4 years from now. Though I started with half liter A2 milk to start with, later I bought their Paneer (one of the best Paneers I used to get), veg basket (which they have stopped offering since covid and I am eagerly waiting for them to start it again!) and Ghee (its better than the other ghee you get in the market including Nandini, but can't beat the home made ghee though!). Recently few months back, I have increased the daily milk also to 1 liter. Very prompt in services especially in reminding to pay for the dues, or to stop the service for a period when you are going out of town, or want extra milk for few days etc, just a phone call/whatsapp message will be sufficient.

Only issue is occasionally there will be some days here and there where the delivery is missed without prior intimation, which they need to improve upon. And also their packaging needs to improve a lot on consistency, the packet size is not fixed, some days it will be small and so tight that we cannot cut the packet without spilling the milk. This they need to improve upon. No other complaints.


Deepak Kumar
4 months ago

I am an old customer of Mathruka milks.

They provide authentic and pure Indian bread cow milks. In my village we used to keep indian bread cows at our home. That is why I can test any milk and say it whether it is desi or not. So this is pure desi indian bread cow milk…


Aparna Achar
4 months ago

We have been subscribing to Mathruka milk and have been happy with the service and quality of milk...since they are promoting desi cow breeds and also running a goshala, i am proud to be associated with them


Shivani Pranesh
4 months ago

I am a natiinal lrvel sportsperson. i have been using Mathruka A2 desi cow milk for 5 years. i feel it gives good energy, nutrituin and freshness


Manju Iyer
4 months ago

They deliver organic vegetables and other milk products home... I especially loved colostrum milk from their dairy... It's of really high quality


D Gouthami
4 months ago

The only genuine A2 milk I found in banglore. Milk quality is A1 , But management is so poor, billing and delivery always mismatched . Need to improve that way.


Usha Nayak
4 months ago

A2 milk is of excellent quality. Also have tried oil from them and they are very good and pure.


Meena Singh
4 months ago

Too good. I am very happy with the quality and genuineness of the products and the company. It's a brand I have complete faith in. Thank you Matruka


krishna vrinda
4 months ago

Good products, genuine intentions. Yes there maybe a few hiccups but ultimately they are the fairest I have experienced. Not at all commecrcial in any sense.


Bharath P.S
4 months ago

We have been using Mathruka A2 milk daily for last few years... Very satisfied!


Muralidharan Srinivasan
4 months ago

We are buying moee than 3 years in most of Mathurika's products and all are good quality I am privilege to share my review.


Δиıl Δrɑઽ
4 months ago

I have been using mathruka Milk and Ghee since 1 year it was healthy and Tasty thanks for the Purity


anusha narahari
4 months ago

I have been using Mathruka A2 milk from past 2 years. Quality of milk and Ghee is authentic.


Priya G
4 months ago

Quality of milk is very good. Very good service. Drink Mathruka milk stay health 😊


Mamta Gahlaut
4 months ago

There products r very good I'm buying milk and paneer regularly from them good service too. Must try.


Sunil Kumar Joshi
4 months ago

I am using their products for 3years now. I have a huge trust in their products. Thanks for providing such quality products.


Christy Manoj
4 months ago

Very good quality...past 3..4..years we use only mathruka milk...


hema balaji
4 months ago

We have been ordering products from Mathruku, very good quality,happy with their service


4 months ago

Having best quality of milk.
It helps to improve my fathers health better day by day.,,😊


Response from the owner 2 months ago

Thanks a lot for your feedback. It means a lot for us and gives positive motivation


Ranganadha Gupta. Nerella
4 months ago

Milk quality and timely delivery, both are good. Response for any questions will be good too.


Chintan Desai
4 months ago

Good milk, Pranesh and teams works hard to provide milk services. Thanks to his team


sangeetha geetha
4 months ago

I highly recommend Mathruka A2 Milk and Products, it is too good undoubtedly you can go through this


Gautham Poojary
4 months ago

Very good service . Product quality is very good.I have been using it for 3 years now .


Dr. Arun Kumar
4 months ago

Good A2 milk and service is also good, ghee is too good


Nithya Ananth
4 months ago

Milk is good. I have been using it for long time


venkata ramana Bondugula
4 months ago

Regularly using Desi cow - milk since last 5 years and some other products also. Quality of products & services are extremely good. Response from team is also superb. Genuine products & people. Recommend to buy & enjoy these products.


thej nayan
9 months ago

the best milk around if someone is looking for PURE A2 Desi cow milk which is 10000000 times better than genetically created JERSY cows


Googly Giri
4 months ago

Very good quality and milk too tastyyyyyyy


Response from the owner 2 months ago

Thaks a lot for your review sir. Means a lot for us


Tatkshana Ayurveda Hospital
4 months ago

The milk products are of good quality


Sakthi Vel
4 months ago

Good one, I am using this past 4 years


yamini senthil
4 months ago

Good quality butter at a reasonable price


C Sandeep Kumar
4 months ago

Quality products delivered efficiently.


Ravi rav
4 months ago

Good service and healthy product


Niranjan Krishan
4 months ago

nice products, organic and healthy


4 months ago

Ghee and oil are excellent


Mathruka Goshala Natural Farm
a year ago

Reliable and trusted source for A2 Desi Cow milk


manjunath k s gowda
4 months ago

Looking for change ???
Just go for it


Response from the owner 2 months ago

Thanks a lot for your review. It means a lot for us


4 months ago

Good products


Lakshmi Narayan
4 months ago

Good products


Arun Kovoor
5 days agoNEW
Genuine A2 milk with good delivery network in Bangalore